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Golden Coast burls is inspired by two intersecting ideologies; Natural elegance, and preservation. Not only do we aim to bring wonder and beauty into your home and workplace, we want to inspire the preservation and proliferation of one of the most precious and life-giving forces on the planet.
Every piece is uniquely crafted to honor the lines and colors of the tree that gave it life. Rather than creating conventional furniture with a live edge we strive to honor and accentuate the natural lines and colors of the pieces we select by letting nature do the work. We make Natural Edge furniture.

Whether you are inspired by the mountains, the frontier, or the coastline; Golden Coast Burls are created to bring your outside world in..


Golden Coast Burls produces custom handcrafted furniture for your home and business. Our specialty is “live edge” work that honors the natural lines and coloration of the wood varietals that we work with. Have an idea for a custom piece or need something more conventional? Don’t worry we do that too and are happy to help!

Through our partnership with “8 Billion Trees” our mission is to proactively combat global deforestation by planting 10 trees for every sale. Not only that, the vast of majority of our pieces are produced from recycled and reclaimed sources.

Our vision is to not only bring natural inspiration and beauty into your home and workspace, but to help preserve our planets’ natural wonders and promote action in the battle against deforestation and climate change.

We hope that our work brings allure and elegance into your space, that of which only mother nature is capable of.

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