We are all about two things: natural elegance and preservation. Golden Coast Burls was incepted with an old family heirloom; a dusty, but unique redwood burl that was given new life and transformed into a beautiful table. The finished product embodied the intersection of nature, craftsmanship, art, and functionality – which is what we strive for today in all of our products. 

Beyond craftsmanship and desirable furniture, we believe in doing good by the earth and for the earth. Deforestation occurs when trees are permanently harvested and the land is used for something other than forestry. While this may not seem like a major issue — there are trees everywhere right? — deforestation has been destroying ecosystems which affects biodiversity and even our climate. This is why it’s imperative that we give back to earth when we take from it. This is why our mission is to bring you beautiful products that celebrate the beauty of the forest, without harming it. 

Our Mission

Preservation is a foundation anchor at Golden Coast Burls. We believe in it so much that we’ve teamed up with 8 Billion Trees, a non-profit organization who believes in fighting the evils of deforestation. With every sale of one of our products, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to 8 Billion Trees, who plants trees all over the world to directly counter deforestation in the amazon and other distressed regions around the globe. For every piece of a tree that we use, 10 trees will be planted in its place. Wow! 

Our Process

You’re probably wondering how we make our products without harming trees. Great question! We have the ability to foster our own approach and to preserve one of the most precious resourced on the planet: trees. NO trees are harmed in the making of our products! We visit the redwood forests of Northern California and collect burls that come from trees that have been logged decades ago and we acquire them through legal and sustainable practices. Almost all of our wood is sourced right here in California! 

Basically, we take the leftovers in the forest and turn into beautiful works of art to bring you functional products, and also awareness of deforestation around the world. Our environmentally friendly process is so effective it’s even gotten the recognition of local paper The Santa Barbara Independent

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