At Golden Coast Burls, we’re not just concerned with making durable furniture with beautiful, natural materials. We also want to help make the world a better place by reducing our negative impact on the environment. That’s why we work with 8 Billion Trees, an organization devoted to combatting deforestation. Here is a blog post they wrote for their website about our partnership.

It’s rare to find an item that combines functionality with exquisite craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind beauty. But when you see it, you know it. 

And, when those attributes are joined in a company that also exhibits a deep respect and love of nature, the finished product becomes a stunning and unique work of art. 

That’s exactly what Golden Coast Burls is doing. 

Dedicated to the life-giving source of their products—trees—their distinctive pieces of furniture go beyond a desire to “bring nature and beauty” into homes, they demonstrate how people can protect the planet’s resources while still creating something that showcases, and truly honors the gorgeous splendor of nature. 

Crafting Heirlooms Using Natural History

People don’t always think about the impact a furniture maker can have on the environment. With plastics clogging up our oceans and forests disappearing at an alarming rate, the harvesting of raw materials used to make tables, chairs, and other items can seem like a small part of the problem. 

Yet, the hardwoods needed to create quality-built furniture takes decades to grow. In some cases hundreds of years! 

But Robert Golden, owner of Golden Coast Burls, not only works with natural materials that have already been harvested (logged decades ago, and acquired through legal and sustainable actions), he’s actively working to give back to the planet too. 

Having studied climate change in college and worked in the renewable energy field for years, he understands what the planet is up against. 

As an 8 Billion Trees’ partner, Robby is dedicated to creating “natural elegance and preservation” with his exquisite pieces, but he also supports the planting of new trees and the conservation of existing forests with every sale. To date, Golden Coast Burls has planted 340 new trees and saved another 3,400 trees.  

8 Billion Trees Review: Working Together To Save Trees   

By partnering with an enterprise that plants trees around the world, Golden Coast Burls helps reforest the earth by ensuring that 10 new trees are planted for every piece of a tree that is used in their stunning furniture. 

That dedication is also making it possible to have a significant impact on the environment. Since trees are one of nature’s most efficient and effective ways to sequester carbon emissions, planting native species helps erase the Co2 that is destroying the environment and causing a host of climate issues.

By working together, Golden Coast Burls and 8 Billion Trees are making a difference in the global environmental crisis. The partnership has eliminated 59,264 pounds of carbon emissions from the environment, so far!  

Robby’s “live edge” tables and furniture pieces are truly treasures because they have been formed by Mother Nature herself and lovingly preserved by an artisan. And, his contributions to 8 Billion Trees are helping to ensure that our planet’s trees and forests will flourish in the future, despite the overwhelming odds and challenges we currently face.