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Don’t worry, no trees were harmed in order to create our products.

Our live edge projects come from trees that have been logged decades ago and are acquired through legal and sustainable practices. Almost all of our wood is sourced right here in California!
With every sale a portion of the proceeds will be donated to 8 Billion Trees, the distinguished NPO that is currently planting trees all over the world to directly counter deforestation in the amazon and other distressed regions around the globe. For every piece of a tree that we use, 10 trees will be planted in its place. Each guest will receive a certificate as a commemorate that they’ve donated to the cause.
Our founder dedicated his college career to the understanding and study of climate change; working in renewable energy sector for several years. Now with Golden Coast burls we have the ability to foster our own approach, to preserve one of the most precious resourced on the planet; trees.

“Golden Coast Burls was incepted with an old family heirloom; a dusty, but unique redwood burl that had been used as a table in my grandfathers’ living room for decades. One day I got the idea that there was real beauty in that piece of wood waiting to be uncovered, so with the help of my Uncle, a professional painter and woodworker by trade, we gave it some love.

After a few hours of woodworking and conditioning, and several coats of finish applied over several days, the end result surprised even me. The finished product, in my opinion, embodied the intersection of nature, craftsmanship, art, and functionality. I delivered the new and improved table back to my grandfather for his 94th birthday. Upon seeing his reaction, Golden Coast Burls was borne.”


-Robert Golden, Founder

-Golden Coast Designs

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