The devastating effects of deforestation has led many of us to wonder how we can help prevent this destruction. Unfortunately, deforestation is a complicated topic that can quickly feel overwhelming to address. Luckily, there are actually a variety of ways that you can help combat deforestation. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Make Sustainable Choices in Your Own Life

It may sound simple, but taking steps in your own life to recycle, reduce the use of plastics, and limit your own carbon footprint really does make a difference. If you can walk to work instead of drive, for instance, do it! Eat more plants, as well as local and seasonal fare. Choose to receive paperless bank statements and bills. You can also take steps to conserve energy by paying closer attention to your electricity usage. 

Reconsider Palm Oil

One particular product, palm oil, is well-known for being produced in a way that is not sustainable. In fact, the demand for this vegetable oil is a huge contributor of deforestation. As such, it’s best to avoid purchasing palm oil and products containing palm oil unless you know for sure that it has been sustainably produced. Unfortunately, palm oil is in a lot of popular products. Do your research, and look for an appropriate certification or seal before purchasing. 

Plant (and Gift!) a Tree

This one may seem obvious, but planting trees contributes to the reversal of deforestation.They even provide added shade that can further reduce our energy consumption. Plus, planting a tree is a beautiful way to honor or memorialize a loved one. 

Learn and Inform Others

There is much to be learned about deforestation by listening to the voices of indigenous communities. Much of their land has been illegally seized. Research indigenous forest populations and think of ways to help their voices be heard. At the same time, share what you’ve learned within your own community. If possible, start or join a conservation group and make goals for conservation practices in your town. 

Buy from Organizations with Sustainable Business Practices

Holding businesses accountable is one of the clearest ways to prevent deforestation. Whenever possible, buy from companies that make sustainability and preventing deforestation a priority. When you seek out companies that have deforestation initiatives, you positively influence the market to take further action. Look for businesses that have certifications, like the Forest Stewardship Council Certification, that signal their commitment to healthy climate and nature manufacturing practices. 

Golden Coast Burls is committed to fighting climate change and reversing global deforestation. That’s why we’ve joined together with 8 Billion Trees, an organization devoted to rebuilding deforested areas and protecting nature. For every piece of a tree that we use in our products, 10 trees will be planted in its place! 

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